About Taylor Felt

    With only a pen, paper and a piano, Taylor creates magic in seconds. Growing up in Connecticut, she knew her passion was music. Starting voice lessons, piano and songwriting at eight, Taylor has been working and developing her craft. Her unstoppable work ethic and her skill to write catchy yet moving hooks are unreal.

She conveys emotion in ways that strike the heart, with her unique, soul driven take on pop music. Her positive and optimistic outlook on life shines through her music, but at times touching on hard and emotional topics that we can all relate to. Her main purpose through her music is to inspire people around the world with her message to live your life and strive for your dreams .

At a young age, Taylor started posting covers on Youtube. She has organically grown her following on social media, especially from posting her weekly mashups (#MashupMonday) on Instagram and Youtube. Her mashups consist of combining two or more of her favorite songs. Taylor loves to engage with her audience, it means so much to her when they tell her that they look forward to Mondays and are inspired to create their own mashups.

I believe in you



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